Over the past years, my family has made small steps to become a more "green" household. 

Our first step was to quit using plastic lunch/storage bags...we were using at least 10 bags everyday in our packed lunches!   I began sewing our reusable sandwich and snack bags.  After many comments and requests, the idea for Craving Green was born.

In our search to further decrease our trash output, we started saving all kinds of pouches, bags, and wrappers...after some thought and creative juices, the eco-friendly lunchboxes, totes, and "trash"bags joined our line of products.

As the years have passed and these small changes have become habit, we have discovered that being a "green" household is easy.  We use all the products listed on our website, but here are a few other suggestions for your family to go "green:"

*Reduce your trash by purchasing fresh foods that are locally grown

*Use cloth napkins instead of paper (roll them up in coordinating colors on your table...they're lovely)

*When the weather permits, dry your laundry outside on a clothesline (smells wonderful)

*Clean your home with all natural ingredients...essential oils, vinegar, baking soda...these still clean 95% of bacteria (you can make your own detergents from Borax and soap!...easy and inexpensive)

*Keep a decorative bowl of kitchen washcloths on your counter for cleaning instead of tearing paper towels for every wipe (wipe the counter down with a spray of Four Thieves Oil)

*Use refillable water bottles

*Replace all your light bulbs with energy-efficient flourescent light bulbs

*Compost your food and yard waste to cultivate your own nutrient rich addition for a garden...and home-grown veggies!

*Locate a local recycling center and you will be AMAZED at how much household trash you reduce!

“Enjoy our products to enjoy a greener earth.”

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